What is vibe smart home?

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How can I make my home smart?

What all can be controlled with vibe?

Can I control my device with a remote ?

Yes, you can purchase Vibe Smart Home with the option of only Remote Control and without the Smarthub.. A Remote Control can be used also with a Vibe Smarthub. Please note, VibeSmarthub is essential to use the smart phone app and accessibility over the Internet.

What is the Vibe Smarthub?

Do i need any specific internet connection for Vibe?

The Vibe Cloud allows plug-&-play over any kind of Internet service – it does not require any special Internet connection nor any static IP address. Save your money for other better things.

What all connected devices work with the Vibe Smarthub?

How do I get started with Smarthub?

How many devices can I connect to the Vibe Smartbub?

A single gateway can take upto 400 distinct appliances which includes switches, sensors and cameras.

How do I contact Customer Support for more information?

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What all permissions do the apps require and why?

What OS are supported for the Vibe Smart Home App

iOS (iPhone – versions pls, iPad — versions pls) and
Android (lower and upper version please)
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Do I need Wi-Fi at my home?

How can I change my password?

What if I forget my user password?

What is the warranty policy for vibe product?

Do I require home stabilizer?

Vibe smart switches do not require stabilizer and are tested for operation from 160VAC to 300VAC however your appliances may still require a stabilizer.

What all devices can be used on vibe smart dimmer?

Which curtain motors are compatible with your device?

Any kind of AC synchronous motors upto 1000W can be used with the Smart Curtain controller. We provide a surge arrestor with the Curtain Controller which is recommended for safety of other applicances in your home when the motors operate.

Can I use normal sockets with your devices?

What is the principle of dimming used in the Smart dimmer?

The Vibe smart dimmer uses a triac based phase-cut control output voltage to the LED driver. If you require the 1-10VDC based LED dimming, please contact Vibe support/ distributor/ dealer.