Vibe Gateway is the heartbeat of your modern digital experience. The smart hub is capable of handling multiple device-to-device and device-to-user interactions while offering you a seamless digital touch point across all your devices. The elegantly designed and power-packed digital hub efficiently stores, recalls and activates your preferences in the blink of an eye. It’s the center of your digital home, where your each command is a wish fulfilled.

CONVERGING ALL TECHNOLOGY INTO ONE SMART HOME Take control of and monitor you home from wherever you are.

Once the Vibe Smart Hub is connected to your Wi-Fi router, open the Vibe SmartHomes app and click on Scan for Gateway. Follow the configuration screens to add the Gateway to your phone. Add all your devices, sensors and cameras using the extremely intuitive user interface. Once configured, you'll always be connected to you home. Equipped with military grade encryption on all devices as well as the App, the Vibe Smart Home system gives you peace of mind like none other. Our team is dedicated in providing timely updates with new features for both, the Vibe SmartHomes App as well as the Vibe Smart Hub, making sure your home will always feel better than before.