Smart Fan Regulator


  • Plug and play installation
  • Modular and customizable solution
  • Part of cloud-based smart home solution which does not require a static IP address
  • Military-grade encryption technology securing your home
  • Based on global IEEE wireless standards
  • Made in India, for India as per the Indian wireless regulations for the IoT band
  • Capacitive touch operation
  • Toughened glass front panel


Control the airflow as per your wish. The Smart Fan Regulator is the perfect alternative to the boring old regulators that cause a lot of noise. 

The smart regulators are a part of cloud-based smart home solutions and come with capacitive touch operation that is a delight to use. Get rid of the tiresome noise caused by fans as the Smart Fan regulator makes sure that your fan is always in silent mode.

Save electricity and create a breezy atmosphere at a budget.


Product code: 400075
One feather touch toughened glass two module 7-step fan regulator
Supply voltage: 240V AC, 50Hz
Radio Frequency: 865-867MHz
Rated voltage: 160-270V AC 50Hz
Rated load:
a) Resistive load: 200W (Tungsten & Halogen lights)
b) Inductive load: 100W
Power consumption in standby mode: 0.5W
ON OFF cycle (at rated load): Over 1,00,000 operations

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