Smart Remote


  • The remote can control up to 18 individual switches, 6 of which can be fan regulators, LED dimmers and curtain controllers
  • The remote supports upto 4 scenes which can be assigned on the buttons A, B, C & D
  • For controlling fans, dimmers and curtains, there are 2 buttons (I & II) with dedicated up/down buttons for quick access
  • Buttons from 1 to 4 can also be used similarly for controlling fans, dimmers and curtains in combination with the common up/down buttons in the centre of the remote
  • Buttons 5 to 16 can only be used to turn devices on or off
  • Pressing the All Off button turns off all devices associated with the remote
  • Can work independently without Smart Hub
  • Configurable with/without Vibe App



Product code: 400099
Handheld RF room controller
Two AAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries only (included)
Radio Frequency: 865-867MHz
Range: 20 metres (may vary due to environmental conditions)
Total Customization Capability (22 keys):
4 scene settings
2 dedicated dimmer/fan/curtain controls
16 individual controls (4 hybrid & 12 on/off)
Wall mount (included in package)

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